Talon FAST™
#Talon FAST™ and Amazon AWS **The power of AWS combined with the fast performance of a local file server—we make it possible.** For years, businesses have cut costs and scaled their capabilities using the vast resources of Amazon AWS. Now, FAST™ can supercharge your AWS ROI by helping you consolidate unstructured data storage and get great performance when collaborating and sharing centrally hosted files—no matter what AWS-compatible storage or data management tools you use.
What AWS already does for you
How FAST™ extends AWS' value
Provides resources for storing vast pools of unstructured data, whether you use AWS-resident file shares or third-party solutions like NetApp ONTAP Cloud or SoftNAS
Enables team members all over the globe, at all branch locations, to leverage the scale, flexibility, and resilience of the AWS cloud, beyond data center storage and applications
Powers a cloud-first strategy by consolidating workloads and eliminating the capital costs of investing in and maintaining local infrastructure
Cuts both the cost and risk of managing distributed networks of file servers by helping organizations consolidate their storage footprint and simplify data protection and governance
Simplifies disaster recovery and provides on-demand scalability, minimizing downtime and ensuring always-on, 24/7 access to data
Overcomes the challenges of providing a collaborative, low-latency user experience when collaborating on large, centrally stored files while helping organizations maintain a single, authoritative central dataset
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