Talon FAST™
#Talon FAST™ and Google Cloud Platform **The power of Google Cloud Platform in your offices** Google Cloud Platform supports your modernized infrastructure through fully integrated cloud services, easy VM migration, database migration, and fully integrated cloud application support. FAST™ will transform your GCP investment into a centralized, self-managing system that enhances your data tiering and caching needs.
What GCP does for you
How FAST™ extends GCP's value
Simplifies database management by providing easy cloud migration and data control tools
Enhances your consolidation strategies by ensuring all data is consistently centralized in the cloud at all times
Provides fully integrated cloud services for application workflows and end-to-end automation
Connects your distributed locations to a central cloud platform and distributes active project files to branch offices on-demand via a global data fabric
Enables you to grow at the speed of your business with scalable, limitless storage and data tiering
Further lowers your storage costs by eliminating the need for local branch data management and ensures security and SLAs are always met
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