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#Microsoft StorSimple Replacement Program The end of support for StorSimple 5000/7000 series means that Microsoft Azure-enabled enterprises need to find a new solution to tackle unstructured data, especially in distributed environments. While the hybrid design of StorSimple met enterprise data needs in the past, combining a cloud-first, software-based storage strategy with Talon FAST™ will allow you to consolidate your existing infrastructure, centralize all your global data, and deliver fast and secure access to data for users through a cloud platform. By leveraging a software fabric that caches ‘active data’ sets to distributed offices globally you are guaranteed transparent data access, real-time centralization, and optimal performance for application data on a global scale.   ####Your Microsoft StorSimple Replacement Plan - Do you have a StorSimple 5000/7000 that is nearing end-of-support? - Are you struggling to find an attractive replacement strategy? - Do you want StorSimple-like benefits for all your locations? - Are you interested in consolidating on-premise storage footprint into Azure cloud?
Did you know? The end of support for StorSimple 5000/7000 series ends July 9, 2019!
This means that enterprises need to find a new solution to tackle unstructured data. Contact us now »
####Take the Next Step in Data Management Transform your Microsoft StorSimple-based storage infrastructure into a flexible, globally scalable solution. Talon FAST™ allows you to maintain seamless access to your existing data in edge locations without requiring additional hardware or infrastructure investment. The Talon solution allows for a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution strategy by addressing all layers of the enterprise—end users, branch offices, data centers, and cloud infrastructure. Take the next step in modern data management by moving your data into an easy-to-manage software-defined cloud storage solution.
  ####Migrate to Microsoft Azure Disk or Azure Files

Migrate Microsoft StorSimple to Azure Managed Disk or Azure Files

For those organizations that want to eliminate their existing datacenter infrastructure and move all workloads into the cloud, FAST™ can perfectly fit into this strategy. Many Small to Medium businesses have simplified their storage and infrastructure management data all in one place, protected by LRS (locally redundant storage) or GRS (geo-redundant storage) storage, and additional Microsoft Azure integrated services for the purpose of backup, high availability, and disaster recovery.

####Migrate to NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP or Azure NetApp Files

Migrate Microsoft StorSimple to NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

With Talon FAST™ Intelligent File Caching software and the NetApp Data Fabric, using Cloud Volumes ONTAP in conjunction with Microsoft Azure public cloud infratructure, you can do more than just control your data. You revolutionize the way your company manages unstructured data by centralizing and consolidating distributed file servers from branch office locations into a "Single Set of Data".

Migrate Microsoft StorSimple to Azure NetApp Files

Talon FAST™ and Azure NetApp Files help unify the distribution and presentation of globally accessible content for distributed storage and business applications. Talon and Microsoft—powered by NetApp’s ONTAP—assist organizations with modernizing their distributed storage and their journey into hybrid or public cloud infrastructure(s). This proven solution allows enterprises to centralize and consolidate unstructured data while leveraging a software fabric that caches “active data” sets in distributed offices globally. As a result, business users are guaranteed transparent data access and optimal performance on a global scale.

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