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Talon FAST™ and SoftNAS Cloud NAS

Consolidated, cost-effective, and collaborative enterprise storage solutions for your business.

If you're looking for ways to consolidate unstructured data stores to the cloud leveraging the familiarity of datacenter NAS and SAN functionality, SoftNAS and FAST™ have teamed up to create enterprise storage solutions that boost collaboration, cut costs, and simplify storage.

What SoftNAS already does for you
How FAST™ extends SoftNAS' value
Provides secure cloud storage with enterprise-grade reliability while being flexible and easy to manage
Helps you enjoy even greater cloud storage cost benefits by centralizing and consolidating distributed storage
Makes it easy to utilize cloud storage through existing storage protocols like SMB, so you don't have to re-engineer applications to work with native cloud storage
Works in any SMB/CIFS environment, making it easy for distributed users to access centrally stored datasets, share files, globally lock files when they're in use, and maintain one central authoritative dataset
Deploys easily in AWS, Azure, and VMware cloud environments, providing simple, scalable cloud storage for mission-critical applications
Makes it easy to extend your centralized file shares anywhere in the world, delivering performance users would expect from a local file server

How They Work Together

Together, FAST™ SoftNAS create a topology for consolidating distributed file servers at petabyte scale. You gain a central view of your storage, consolidate on-premises local file servers, and cut storage costs, without sacrificing performance.

You deploy the FAST™ core instance in your primary cloud environment on Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016. It's storage agnostic, so it works in any SMB/CIFS environment. This core instance transparently extends your centralized file shares to your branch locations via the FAST™ fabric. Then, FAST™ edge instances, deployed at each branch, connect to the core instance mounted to your SoftNAS file storage. The enterprise storage solutions work together as the core instance streams and compresses data in transit to and from these edge instances, overcoming latency while managing distributed file locks and leases.

FAST™ at the Branch
To utilize your central datasets, users access the FAST™ edge instance using mapped drive shares or within your DFS namespace. The edge instance deploys an intelligent file cache that's stored and managed, automatically, on an NTFS volume.

The intelligent file cache identifies your most commonly used data, using proprietary algorithms, and caches it at the branch for fast access. When users work on files, FAST™ globally locks them to ensure you always have one central, authoritative dataset. Updates to both cached and central datasets occur in near real time, enabling seamless collaboration and file sharing.

Enterprise Storage Solutions to the Max
FAST™ can help your business save up to 70% on storage costs and get a greater ROI from your SoftNAS investment. It does all this while creating an exceptional user experience, available anywhere in the world. Get a deeper look at how FAST™ works by watching this quick video overview.

When to Consider Talon and SoftNAS

Are you considering options like Panzura, Nasuni, or Avere?

Then let us show you how much more efficiently you can accomplish the same thing without replication and synchronization. We enable your global name space and file locking capabilities without replacing your NAS with another heavyweight branch office option.

Do you have numerous branch offices with distributed file servers?

We can help you reduce the complexity with less management and a lower total cost of ownership by simplifying your branch office without sacrificing user access to all you data.

Too many branch offices to manage with separate file servers? You need Talon FAST™ and SoftNAS Cloud!

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Centralize and Consolidate data into public clouds by using SoftNAS Cloud NAS, while maintaining enterprise control and security.

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Talon FAST™ software—Solution Overview

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SoftNAS Cloud NAS—Solution Overview


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