Expert Interview Series: Alexander Mimran with Minbox on Making File Sharing More Efficient

by Andrew Mullen on March 01, 2016

Alexander Mimran, CEO and Co-Founder of Minbox, understands well the headaches that can go along with sharing files.

He started out as a designer when he was a teenager, running a consultancy on the side while he went to school. This turned into a full-time profession. While designing for agencies, Alexander decided to create an online journaling app called Penzu that now has millions of users globally.

Next, he started Minbox, which allows users to connect various cloud-based services like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and more to share information more efficiently with clients.

Alexander recently checked in with us to share his insight on how business owners can make data-sharing easier. Here's what he had to say:

What are the biggest challenges facing companies when it comes to managing data?

We're tackling the problem of fragmented data sources. In this age of the cloud, companies have too much data spread out across too many services. It's become difficult to manage, especially with the varying permissions and settings in each.

Minbox aggregates cloud files so companies can stay in a single place to collaborate, instead of moving from app to app. This poses as a huge challenge for us on many levels

What are the biggest mistakes or oversights you see businesses making when it comes to managing information?

It's important to know WHICH services are being used inside your organization. Stepping out in front of the problem and implementing company-wide solutions is a way to solve this.

The security of sensitive company and client information in the cloud is top of mind for users today. How can businesses better protect the information they are sharing on the cloud?

A unified solution can really help companies and IT depts keep track of their data. Minbox allows for such management and will get better over time as we add features for larger enterprises.

How has the way we share files evolved in recent years?

Files are no longer what they used to be - they're being created in the cloud instead of the desktop, which means the tools of old don't apply. We're building a platform for the future, one where files exist in multiple clouds instead of on a company server.

What do you think like file sharing will look like in another 10 years?

We're trying to build something for the future ... the one we see has very little to do with the file system and more with the cloud. Few industries will cling to the old desktop-computing paradigm. For the rest, Minbox will hopefully be their choice.

What news, trends or innovations are you most excited about right now as they relate to data, file sharing or the cloud?

We're excited about our upcoming products, Minbox Slides and a new and improved search tool. Stay tuned!

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