Talon FAST™
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Pilot Steps

Abstract / Video References

| | |:---|:---| |**1. Pilot / PoC Kick Off**|Introduction to Talon FAST™ Pilot Process
Statement of Work
Information Gathering Phase
Provisioning Phase
Testing Phase
Completion / Conclusion Phase| |**2. Info Gathering Phase**|Communicate RFC’s required / Solution Requirements, Communications Strategy for End Users
Identify Backend Storage Strategy, Qualify Sites in Scope and Solution Requirements| |**3. Provisioning Phase**|Download Talon FAST™ Software & Documentation
Learn how to deploy the Talon FAST™ Virtual Appliance .OVA template
Learn how to deploy the Talon FAST™ Virtual Appliance .VHDX template
| |**    FAST™ Configuration**|Configure FAST™ LMS, Core / Edge Configuration
Schedule a Talon Health Check with your Talon Solutions Engineer| |**4. Testing Phase**|Kick Off IT functional and Performance Benchmark Testing
End User Training for Generic Applications
End User Training for AEC Applications (i.e. Autodesk Revit)
| |**5. Completion / Conclusion Phase**|Aggregate Testing Results and End User Feedback
Complete Results Documentation and Benchmark Results
Schedule 30-minute call with customer to close out Pilot / PoC
Discuss Deployment Framework for roll-out strategy for customer|
--- ####Other Resources Microsoft Technet Blog: [Deploy Global File Sharing for Collaboration using Microsoft Azure StorSimple and Talon FAST™](https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/cis/2016/04/27/deploy-global-file-sharing-for-collaboration-using-microsoft-azure-storsimple-and-talon-cloudfast/) Storage Switzerland Blog: [Solving the Distributed Storage Challenge by Centralizing Your Data – Talon FAST™ Software Briefing Note](https://storageswiss.com/2017/02/03/solving-the-distributed-storage-challenge-talon-software/) #####  ---