Talon FAST™
#Deploying Talon FAST™ in Microft Azure

Microsoft Azure IaaS (Disk) & Azure Files

With Talon FAST™ software you can centralize and secure your file-level data in Azure, while delivering enterprise Global File Sharing and Collaboration to your business users. Our Intelligent File Caching mechanism, which only caches what’s needed at the branch, gives you the ability to use Azure Disk or Azure Files, enable NTFS-level permissions, and fully extend these large-scale file sets into your distributed workforce.

The FAST™ Fabric: Storage Agnostic

Key Benefits

Centralize and Secure your file data using Azure IaaS (Disk) or Azure Files

Deliver real-time Global File-Sharing and Collaboration

Manage highly available file storage environment

Intelligent File Caching for enterprise branch offices, only caching active data

Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, NTFS security, ACLs

Available from Microsoft Azure Marketplace

How do I enable Talon FAST™ solution?

If you are a Microsoft Azure customer, you can enable the FAST™ offering directly from the Azure Marketplace. Once you follow the steps in the "Getting Started" section, you will receive the instructions to enable the FAST™ Service VM and the instances for your distributed offices.

Can I use my Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA) to pay for the Talon FAST™ Solution?

No, Talon is a certified Microsoft ISV partner, which means that the FAST™ solution is billed as a separate charge in addition to your VM and Azure Storage costs.

How do I contact Talon Support?

You can contact our support team at any time for your technical needs.

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See how FAST™ can work with Azure to centralize unstrucuted data and provide real-time global collaboration.

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