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FAST™ Enterprise Edition

Talon FAST™ Enterprise Edition allows businesses to centralize data, leveraging customer’s existing traditional datacenter or cloud storage infrastructure while consolidating distributed storage and IT assets. The software enables enterprises to centralize unstructured file data and transparently extend this to users globally to provide real-time global file sharing and collaboration to their end users.

Next Generation Software-Defined Storage Solution

  • Talon FAST™ Software runs on Windows Server 2012 and above
  • Fully integrates with customer’s Microsoft ecosystem
  • (ADDS, DNS/DHCP, Print Services, SCCM)
  • Available as software installation package or virtual appliance template

  • Flexible: Storage agnostic, works with any SMB/CIFS infrastructure
  • Intelligent: Caches only what’s needed at the branch (active dataset)
  • Zero-touch: Automatically purges stale cached files over time (LRU)
  • Performant: Compresses, streams, and reduces data
  • Consistent: Distributed file-locking for enterprise applications

  • The FAST™ Fabric: Highly Scalable & Flexible

    Talon FAST™ is storage agnostic, so it transparently fits onto any IT environment. Whether you want to leverage your existing traditional file server or private/public cloud storage infrastructure, FAST™ immediately extends the value of your central storage to your distributed locations.

    In a nutshell, Talon FAST™ software creates an intelligent file caching software appliance at each location, running on Microsoft Windows Server. The software overlays the Microsoft Windows File Sharing mechanism, fully integrating with the Microsoft security principles like Active Directory, ACLs, and NTFS permissions, and allows it to work at a global scale—even in locations that are challenged with low bandwidth or high latency.

    The FAST™ Fabric: Storage Agnostic

    √ Distributed locations connect to traditional or cloud datacenter via the Talon FAST™ Fabric
    √ Software provides a Virtual File Share and Intelligent File Cache at each location
    √ Enables high performance global file sharing with real-time distributed file locking

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    Customer Success Story

    By moving to a cloud first strategy, which now includes Talon, StorSimple, and Azure, I was able to reduce Cimpress’ overall storage foot-print by 82%.

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