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What Talon FAST™ Provides to your Enterprise

By deploying Talon FAST™ in your distributed enterprise, you bring your islands of unstructured data together in the cloud. It's the key component which helps to centralize, consolidate, and orchestrate advanced data management within your organization. It's a catalyst that unleashes innovation within your business, fueled by an exceptional global file-sharing and collaboration experience.

Cloud Consolidation

FAST™ makes your cloud consolidation strategies easier by enabling you to centralize data into a central cloud platform. Take your existing "islands of data" and migrate them into a central cloud platform-FAST™ is compatible with all major cloud hyperscalers. Leverage the power of the cloud to create a fully transparent global namespace that provides immediate access to data, regardless of user location. Migrate your distributed file storage and application workloads into a cloud platform of your choice and continue using your existing on-site infrastructure, FAST is storage agnostic.

Simplify Infrastructure

Your distributed infrastructure requires on-site maintenance, regular backups, massive cost, and constant shadow IT. The data residing in those locations is isolated and presents major security and management challenges as it's replicated across your distributed locations. FAST™ cuts your distributed infrastructure costs by up to 70% and simplifies your management and time invested for that infrastructure. Consolidate your distributed IT, reduce your IT budget, and guarentee consistent file access to all of your ends users, anytime, anywhere.

Data Access

Datasheet / Whitepaper

Learn about the challenges enterprises face with distributed storage and how Talon FAST™ consolidates globally distributed data.

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