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FAST™ Industry Overview: Archicture, Engineering, and Construction

AEC businesses have experienced explosive data growth across all sectors, demanding that businesses provide smooth and secure access to massive design files for collaboration on a global scale. Overcoming these challenges requires a modern data storage solution that prepares these businesses for continual exponential data growth without requiring new storage solutions every few years.

The Challenges of Data Growth

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms operate with a heavy focus on application workflow and global collaboration. If those needs are not met projects fall behind and designs develop fatal flaws, potentially costing the firm millions. Solutions like data replication and daily backups don't provide a consistent, central data set and often create duplicate files, essentially invalidating work on the project until all changes are added to a central copy. As the firm grows, providing access to this distributed data set at remote locations becomes next to impossible.

Industry Trends

Industry Challenges

BIM compliance level 2 and collaborative design/outsourcing

Large datasets & complex file structures reside in disparate locations

Laser scanning, drones, virtual/augmented reality

Exponential storage growth, impacting (cloud) storage strategy for active vs archive data

Artificial Intelligence and smart construction

Global collaboration and worksharing for AEC specific applications becomes increasingly complex

Use Cases


Revit and Autodesk are crucial to your daily operations. FAST™ gives you the tools for faster application workflow and easy file access for all of your Revit/Autodesk needs while still meeting BIM compliance anywhere in the world.

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Project Collaboration

You can't provide the file access your teams need to complete their projects. File opening is slow, the data is spread across offices, and your users have to spend hours sorting out file versions. FAST™ makes global collaboration easy.

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File Duplication

When users aren't working on central file copies, they create duplicate files and your team has no idea who has the latest copy. This can lead to conflicting changes and hours of lost work, potentially creating fatal flaws in a project design. FAST™ eliminates file copy challenges and guarentees file consistency.

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Data Centralization

Leverage the power of a central storage platform to ensure your data is always in one place. Your users can access, share, and edit files from the central copy without creating duplicate files at branch locations thanks to local file caching. Meet your compliance agreements and guarentee data security and consistency by centralizing with FAST™

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