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COPE Health Solutions Finds Resolve and Intelligent File Caching with Talon FAST™

COPE Health Solutions utilizes Talon FAST™ to provide health education and solutions to communities throughout the nation.

Company Overview
COPE Health Solutions is a national, mission-driven consulting firm that partners with health systems, providers, and payers to develop and implement comprehensive population health management and workforce development strategies.

COPE Health Solutions was founded in 1995 as a community outreach program. It was formed by a group of UCLA student volunteers with the common goal of providing health education to the underprivileged and uninsured in the Los Angeles community. COPE Health Solutions has evolved into a thought leader in health care that provides business, clinical integration, and health workforce solutions, while continuing to focus on improving the health of the community.

COPE Health Solutions

Challenge: Keeping the server versions on the same page—literally
As COPE Health Solutions has grown over the years, its mission has evolved. In addition to its initial goals, COPE now seeks to provide added value for consumers through innovations in population health management, talent development, and alignment of financial incentives. To meet these new goals, it has also expanded its network of services to include clients in several parts of the U.S., including Texas and New York. With business expanding nationally, it became challenging for COPE Health Solutions to manage its network attached storage shares.

“We had critical version control issues. There were several issues; we had different file types that did not merge, and latency issues that made working on files efficiently very difficult. We knew we had to seek a solution for these problems,” said Andrew Park, Manager of IT for COPE Health Solutions.

COPE Health Solutions’ team members were bogged down by noticeable delays in accessing their files. As file versions increased in number, they were simply not manageable. Some files were even corrupted over time and SQL files were habitually bottlenecked with support falling to in-house IT. Even with 160 Gig of RAM computing power and 40 processors, there were version control issues that required remediation.

“We took a look at some of the file sharing companies and found their offerings convoluted. Honestly, after some initial fact finding, I was sitting with the CIO and we were wondering if there was a company out there that could intelligently manage file information. We put that term into Google and Talon was the first hit. We gave them a call.”

With a unique schematic of terminal servers utilizing a cloudshare device, COPE Health Solutions was looking for a plug and play, Amazon Web Services compatible solution that would meet its performance requirements and provide remote workers with the opportunity to work on files with the assurance that they were viewing the correct, most recent version.

“From the time we installed Talon at the initial trial run, the improvement was like night and day,” said Park. “The Talon FAST™ installation made navigating users’ file share folders a quick and painless endeavor. We can open and save files now—instantly and pre-cache certain folders into the edge server without any hassle. The Talon trial and installation went perfectly. We can now access files anywhere without performance worry. The IT help desk at COPE Health Solutions has been manageable since the Talon installation and we are very happy about that.”

Solution: Talon Saves the Day- Provides a 100% Improvement
Today, Talon FAST™ allows COPE Health Solutions to centralize and leverage intelligent file caching, enabling team members to utilize files and be assured that the revisions they view are up to the minute and available. Users immediately began to work on Talon’s promise of a single set of data that was accessible, consistent, and globally file locked, As Park said, “Talon FAST™ has provided a 100% improvement with file access and version control, and lets us go worry free.”

“The Talon FAST™ installation required zero training. We were walked through each step of the implementation process by the Talon team and out of the gate we experienced a seamless implementation of Talon FAST™ at COPE Health Solutions. We placed a couple of late night calls to Talon during the process and there was always someone available and ready to help.”

COPE Health Solutions saw significant benefits from its Talon FAST™ installation:

  • Talon FAST™ provided a “100% improvement” in performance.
  • Talon FAST™ helped COPE Health Solutions resolve its file management and file corruption issues.
  • Talon FAST™ delivered the least complex file caching solution out of all that COPE Health Solutions investigated.
  • The Talon FAST™ installation went “perfectly.”

Vision for the future
“Our CEO has a vision to grow nationally and internationally over the next few years,” added Park. With Talon FAST™, we say 'bring it on.'"

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Cope Health Solutions - Talon FAST™ helped resolve its file management and file corruption issues.

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