Talon FAST™
#Dramatic Increase in Productivity and Ability to Collaborate _Talon’s CloudFAST™ Provides Atlas Industries with Dramatic Increase in Productivity and Ability to Collaborate with Clients in the Distributed Enterprise_ **Company Overview** Atlas Industries, a UK-owned company with its operations center based in Saigon, Vietnam, and with offices in UK, Australia, and the Middle East, is a leading provider of project documentation and Building Information Modeling (BIM) consultancy services to architects, engineers and the construction industry. Atlas Industries helps practices of all sizes overcome resource constraints, meet tight deadlines and successfully document and deliver profitable projects. Since 1998, Atlas Industries has served clients from all over the world and offers integrated multi-disciplinary services and project documentation, coordination and management. ![Atlas](/static/img/customer-success/atlas1.jpg) **Delivering CAD/BIM Services** Atlas Industries has cultivated a team of senior architects and engineers trained on every major CAD and BIM platform including the AutoDesk suite of products including Revit, Graphisoft ArchiCad, Bentley AECOsim, Tekla and specialist software such as Codebook, HsbCAD, Sefaira and engineering modeling and analysis platforms. As documentation is Atlas’ core business, the company prides itself on its eye for detail providing a valuable partnership for its global clients. Atlas Industries has an aggressive growth strategy to be in excess of 300 staff members by the end of 2015 and over 500 staff members by 2018. As a provider of design support services to companies all over the world, Atlas Industries’ need for global file access is 24 x 7 x 365. Its Vietnam location regularly liaises with clients around the globe and reliable Wide Area Network access is a necessity. Simon Richards, Systems Integration Manager at Atlas Industries notes “the fast broadband submarine cable ‘AAG’ has broken down on a number of occasions in the last 12 months between South East Asia and the west coast of the US. Events happen that are out of our control and in the worst case scenario it can take up to three to four weeks to repair the connection. During that time, network speed slows tremendously. Many of our clients are hosting data and when we are down, our access and save times can increase considerably. We cannot stop this from happening and we needed to do something to mitigate the downtimes and increase our productivity during these events while ensuring optimal end user experience sharing files globally, and that is how we discovered Talon’s CloudFAST™.” **Flexibility and Scalability** Atlas Industries had been searching for a cost-effective solution and it took several months of intensive researching before Atlas Industries decided to adopt Talon. “We needed a product that could provide quick access to large CAD files and the like, said Richards. “We took a look at a number of other systems, but in order to work collaboratively with our clients, we would have had to purchase and ship expensive hardware to several locations all around the world. Talon’s CloudFAST™ is a software based solution and this made more sense to Atlas Industries and our clients.” Atlas Industries brought in Talon executives to run a testing phase with CloudFAST™. As the initial installation was completed, the unreliable network once again experienced an outage. Typically, this would mean work between Atlas Industries’ office in Saigon would slow from normal efficiency to approximately 30% of that benchmark when working collaboratively with our clients – translating into a great loss in productivity. But, with Talon in place, Richards noted a dramatic increase in uptime. “Talon had us running at 90% during the network outage, and obviously that was a great success in what had been a disruption for us up until that time.” ![Atlas](/static/img/customer-success/atlas2.jpg) **Transparent Integration** CloudFAST™ has already been installed in several UK clients and we have more planned for this year including our Australian and Hong Kong clients. CloudFAST™ is also a key part of Atlas Industries’ wider strategy aimed at migrating large parts of the business to cloud computing and storage. It is now implementing CloudFAST™ through Q1 and Q2 of 2015, further enhancing its disaster recovery strategy. “There were several benefits worth noting in bringing Talon’s CloudFAST™ in house,” said Richards. “First, CloudFAST™ provided Atlas Industries with a sense of reliability it could not enjoy prior to its installation.” **Delivering True Global Collaboration** Collaboration was improved as file sharing ensured everyone was looking at the same page- literally. “With the revisions we often make to drawings, and BIM data, it is important that all parties involved can see and provide feedback on work in real time. We’ve seen a reduction in having to go back and recheck the drawings and BIM data to see if revisions are the same with both parties. There is real, valuable time savings in having the confidence that the revisions made in one location are also seen on the other end.” Another positive is that Talon’s CloudFAST™ is a software solution that runs on a typical Windows Server. “It was simply more manageable and more cost effective than other comparable solutions. Talon was much less expensive to implement than a hardware-based solution, installation was easy and the cost carry over to our clients is minimal.” Richards also notes that disaster recovery has been improved due to the Talon installation. **The Future** Atlas Industries’ clients will be able to install CloudFAST™ and collaborate and file share with the company by Q2 of this year. Atlas Industries also had high praise for Talon’s service during the testing phase and installation. “I felt at home with Talon. The team was a better fit for us compared to some of the other solution providers we spoke with during the fact finding process,” said Richards. “We have a great working relationship. CloudFAST™ is now at the core of Atlas Industries’ infrastructure. We feel it is an exceedingly good solution and helps keep our staff working optimally.” Additionally, Richards adds that many of Atlas Industries’ clients have heard of Talon and are looking at it for their own data centers and remote work forces. “There’s a lot of good will on the street with Talon.” **Talon provides Atlas Industries with Reliable Global File Sharing - Saving Time and Money** Atlas Industries has realized significant benefits since the deployment of Talon CloudFAST™. The installation provided Atlas Industries with a dramatic increase in uptime - keeping its Saigon office in contact with its clients despite an unreliable global WAN infrastructure. Acquisition costs were less than comparable solutions with no compromise in performance. Talon’s customer support and Atlas Industries have a “great working relationship.” Richards estimates that working collaboratively with clients and eliminating the need to be in particular offices, saves the company significant costs. “Talon as a company is a great provider of technology and supports our IT system. Talon has allowed Atlas to focus on scaling up our customer base in the architectural, engineering and construction industries.”