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Dependable Branch Office Connectivity in Real Time

Metromont and Talon FAST™ team up to extend their file-sharing network to a global scale. With seamless collaboration between offices, Metromont can now utilize it’s full network of offices and employees.

Company Overview
Metromont Corporation is a US-owned designer and builder of precast buildings for schools, offices, stadiums, data centers, and more. For over 85 years, the company’s expertise has spanned from dormitories to parking structures, industrial plants, justice facilities, and stadiums. With corporate offices in Greenville, South Carolina, and five additional manufacturing locations throughout the southeast, they needed a storage solution that could handle large files seamlessly.

As a leading provider of these pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete building systems, Metromont products offer a host of inherent sustainability benefits, both during the construction process and long after a structure has been completed. Through thermal efficiency, recycled content, local materials, and minimal waste, Metromont enhances each building’s sustainability, and assists in contributing to LEED® points, excellent Energy Star ratings, Green Globes assessments, and ASHRAE standards.


Challenge: Updating and Optimizing Metromont’s Document Revision Control
Metromont touts its history and expertise in delivering the best of the best in concrete building systems. The Metromont team works personally with every client, architect, engineer, and contractor to create the building they envision. As such, Metromont regularly utilizes hardware intensive programs from CAD and Revit to large PDF drawings, all of which are shared between its branch offices in the Southeast. Metromont’s Senior Network Administrator, Joshua Moore, notes that "The files are often looked at by different branch offices. As revisions are made, current updates need to be made in real time to keep production on pace for clients’ projects."

Metromont had been utilizing Talon FAST™ for several years in its Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina offices. The company decided it was time for an upgrade. They needed to provide faster access to large-scale files with which the company was consistently working. The current process of opening files over an MPLS network was slow and impeded efficient collaboration. “We took a look at other similar solutions," said Moore, "but the pricing and the comparable performance was not competitive to Talon. That, combined with previous experience with the company and its offerings, lead us to know that an upgrade to Talon FAST™ had a high likelihood of being the solution we needed.”

Metromont partnered with Talon to provide a branch office solution that addressed its consolidation and centralization of file data. Installing FAST™ proved to be an “effective upgrade” according to Moore. “We initially gave it a test run and FAST™ immediately streamlined our processes. We could pull down simultaneous copies of documents various branch offices were working on. As soon as we synced, we were all on the same page. The benefits of easily updating and collaborating like that between the team were enormous. The benefits of the FAST™ installation to Metromont were obvious right away.”

FAST™ also to reduced the complexity of Metromont’s overall branch office IT management. Metromont has plans to open a new branch office, and FAST™ is expected to play a role in helping keep the new office online and in sync with Metromont’s other offices.


Solution: Talon Keeps Metromont’s Branch Offices on the Same Page
Moore applauds the efficiency of FAST™ in solving Metromont's file-sharing problems, “For Metromont, it’s simple—FAST™ does what Metromont needs it to do. It syncs our files quickly and correctly, even with our Revit files where file sharing had been problematic, and it has made work run much more efficiently because of the seamless collaboration.”

Talon FAST™ was also praised for being one of the most cost effective solutions Metromont investigated. Moore notes, “We looked at other solutions and some of the pricing out there is simply bad. The Talon FAST™ line is a great investment—it comes at a good price and the technology doesn’t make any promises that it doesn’t keep after installation.”

By upgrading their entire network with Talon FAST™, Metromont has seen many benefits:

  • FAST™ consolidated and centralized Metromont’s file data
  • FAST™ reduced the complexity of Metromont’s overall branch office IT management, eliminating backups
  • FAST™ is a great value with better than competitive acquisition costs
  • FAST™ keeps Metromont’s branch offices on the same page, utilizing central file-locking

Vision for the future
“Talon FAST™ software streamlined our processes and proved to be an effective upgrade for Metromont. We could see the benefits of the installation right away, and we’re pleased with the results,” said Moore.

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Talon provides Metromont with Dependable Branch Office Connectivity in Real Time

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