Talon FAST™
**Robert Bird Group** adopted Talon FAST™ to allow file shares between company offices. When Microsoft launched Microsoft Azure File Service in 2015, the company moved to Talon’s FAST™ in conjunction with Azure Files cloud storage which allowed partner companies to share files too. “Talon FAST™ for Azure Files allowed Robert Bird Group to work with partners and share files via a virtual file system that exposed data between offices. It is flexible, efficient, and means we can collaborate with partners in near real time. We were using Revit Server, and Talon is about five times faster than that.” “We are able to work much more quickly and collaborate in real time. It allows our business to operate in follow-the-sun mode. With local cache, it’s as if you are writing directly to the file at LAN speed, while Talon sends delta changes to the Azure cloud.” _Stephen Cottham_ Read more on Computer Weekly »