Talon FAST™
#Global Insurance Group Centralizes Unstructured Data with FAST™ **Company Overview** The Swiss Reinsurance Group is a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. Swiss Re has been in operations since 1863. Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, Swiss Re has operations across the globe. From standard products to tailor-made coverage across all lines of business, Swiss Re deploys its capital strength, expertise and innovation power to enable the risk-taking upon which growth and progress depends. Swiss Re operates on a global scale and represents the largest corporations. Additionally, Swiss Re is the only reinsurer with a client-centric model, meaning that teams are assembled with dedicated resources to serve clients on a global basis. **Challenge: A combination of distributed file servers and Microsoft Sharepoint did not deliver performance and ability to share files on a global scale.** Swiss Re experienced the challenge around managing ‘islands of data’ and keeping their distributed file storage infrastructure up and running. Subsequently, they were challenged supplying users access to Microsoft SharePoint files from all their global locations. When someone edited a large excel file while another user tried to change a row in the same file, the system collapsed and users got frustrated as they were losing data. The result was less productivity, corrupt files, latency and the workers stopped sharing relevant information across the globe. A real poor show. At this time Swiss Re had explored many options in the market place and was about to reluctantly purchase a replication and synchronization solution. Reluctantly because it had all the hallmarks of increasing storage costs by having replicated copies of data in all the branches and a complex cluster implementation, additionally the license cost was a little unpalatable too. **Solution: Enable data centralization and provide a 100% improvement compared to existing WAN optimization.** According to Joost Smit, IT Architect for Swiss Re: “When we decided to evaluate the Talon FAST™ software, we soon found that the solution was easy to deploy, presented a streamlined & elegant architecture that delivers required performance, stability and scalability.” **Evaluating the FAST™ software** Swiss Re chose to engage with Talon to conduct an evaluation of the software, running robot testing scripts non-stop for a whole week with data residing in the central repository in Zurich, while extending centralized data to the branch offices in the APAC region, including a regional hub site in Hong Kong, that serves our smaller offices. Soon we proved that our APAC branch offices, including Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai Kuala Lumpur & Bangalore immediately benefited from the FAST™ software, demonstrating over 100% improvement in performance which was far superior to our WAN optimization infrastructure. **Centralized data, accessed globally** Just by bringing the data closer to the end users in the APAC region while centralizing it into one place for simplified IT and data management, running the FAST™ software with it’s intelligent file cache, allows for massive improvements presenting a “Single Set of Data” to our end users on a global scale. **100% Compatible, Scalable and Flexible** “Talon FAST™ has provided a 100% improvement being able to centralize our file data, providing optimal file access and version control and lets us go worry free. One of the key benefits is that the software is deployed on Microsoft Windows Server, leverages our existing Microsoft licensing model, runs on commodity hardware and fits perfectly into our virtualization strategy“, Smit continues. “The Talon FAST™ deployment required minimal effort. We walked through each step of the implementation process by the Talon team experienced a seamless implementation of Talon FAST™ at Swiss Re. “ Finally, we engaged in a workshop session with Talon’s solutions engineering and product team to learn more about the nuts and bolts of the Talon FAST™ software, the principles of intelligent file caching, setting up a multi-tenant and redundant infrastructure with some of Microsoft’s latest technologies, which was greatly appreciated. **Summary** - Talon FAST™ allowed Swiss Re to centralize its unstructured data into the Zurich datacenters. - Talon FAST™ provided 100% improvement in performance compared to WAN optimization infrastructure. - Talon FAST™ helped Swiss Re resolve its file server management and file corruption issues. - Talon FAST™ eliminated the large file sharing issues Swiss Re was experiencing with Microsoft SharePoint. - Talon FAST™ delivered the most intelligent solution out of all that Swiss Re investigated. - Talon FAST™ deployment went extremely smooth, our administrators were able to set up the Talon instances in minutes. “Talon FAST™ does what it says on the tin. Moreover, after learning the Talon FAST™ license model not being storage capacity nor user count based, the Team Lead had provided the Head of PAAS with an early Christmas present.” *Learn more data management for global enterprises.* Learn more »