Talon FAST™
#Global Hospitality Enterprise Centralizes Unstructured Data with FAST™ **About Tricon** Founded 30 years ago, Tricon has a global reputation for creating some of the most inspiring and successful hospitality operations across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Its installations can be found in some of the world’s most prestigious buildings, tourist attractions, and locations in over 35 countries. From the British Museum, to Wembley Stadium, to NATO’s HQ in Brussels, to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar, and the University of Dubai and 11 universities in Libya, Tricon has created thriving food and beverage operations for some of the highest visitor traffic landmark locations around the world. Operating from offices in London and Dubai, the company specialises in nine sectors: Arts, Heritage and Culture, Business and Industry, Education, Exhibition and Conference Centres, Government and Public Services, Healthcare, Hotels and Restaurants, Retail and Leisure, and Sports and Stadia. **The Challenge: Improving Collaboration between Offices** Although Tricon’s customer base is global, the company delivers local expertise through personal client contact and site presence. The information and employees required for a project in one territory, however, might sometimes be thousands of miles away. When it opened its Dubai office in 2006, the company had to find a way of ensuring that the physical location of certain team members couldn’t become dominant factors, either in how services were delivered, or in how the company should configure its operations. The Dubai office was initially equipped with a standalone server and was running its own file services. In addition to finding a solution to greater inter-office collaboration, the company faced another pressing challenge. Sarah Baker, Tricon’s Operations Director, explains: “Once the business was firmly established, we began to find that we had an increasing reliance on individuals to perform their own back-ups.” “Talon’s support team advised us that back-ups were not always complete, and this could leave our data exposed to the vagaries of human error. We needed an approach and a technology solution that could replace the human element with a robust back-up system. This wasn’t just for peace of mind, it was essential for safeguarding our valuable IP and customer work-in-progress.” “Our customers depend on us for consistent, high quality results and regular insights into the progress of project developments,” says Baker. “In turn, we depend on Talon FAST™ to keep our IT infrastructure in line with continuous business growth and the increasingly complex demands we place upon it.” Over 80% of Tricon’s projects are global, and 75% of its staff is London based, while the other 25% is based in Dubai. With their old storage solution, files were lost in the distributed storage environment. Their offices couldn’t effectively share files without significant performance impacts and wait times. Tricon needed a storage solution that would provide an unparalleled global file-sharing and collaboration experience. Talon advised a substantial technology and software overhaul to improve work-flow. They recommended FAST™. This software solution provided automated system for back-up and disaster recovery, unified file protocols for Tricon’s locations, and a robust software platform for global file-sharing and collaboration. “Talon is about equipping our teams with the right tools for the job,” says Baker. “Our previous IT landscape had individual islands of data on locations for projects, operations, and team members, and was doubled in complexity due to two offices. We now have every file available to all offices.” **The Solution: Talon FAST™ and Global File-sharing** Talon FAST™ helped Tricon establish global connectivity and file-sharing almost immediately. Due to FAST™’s intelligent file caching, users only keep relevant data at local branches—eliminating branch office back-ups. The FAST™ software solution helped Tricon connect their global teams and solve challenges with distributed file storage by creating a single dataset for seamless collaboration. Due to the single data set and intelligent file cache systems of Talon FAST™ software, downloads are reduced dramatically. Baker estimates that architectural files were previously taking almost 20 minutes to download, severely hampering progress. Now, those files are available almost immediately. For Tricon, it’s night and day. **Results** Tricon saw significant benefits from the Talon FAST™ deployment: - Talon FAST™ unified file data across offices - Talon FAST™ eliminated the need for individual back-ups by creating a “single set of data” - Talon FAST™ provided seamless collaboration between Tricon’s London and Dubai offices - Talon FAST™ prepared Tricon to provide better quality service and products to customers **Vision for the Future** “We’re now in a strong place, not just in terms of greater collaboration and productivity,” says Baker, “but also in terms of the next phase of business growth. Our IT estate is where it needs to be to take us into the future.” *Learn more the challenges and solutions in managing unstructured data for global enterprises.* Learn more »