Talon FAST™

Cloud Solutions

For today's global enterprises, considering next-generation software-defined storage or the cloud for unstructured data is unavoidable. Today's enterprise storage solutions, including traditional and cloud enabled solutions deliver advantages in terms of cost efficiency, scalability and flexibility. However, problems - such as latency and inconsistent information sets - arise when those organizations need to distribute file sets to branch offices and remote workers around the world. Talon FAST™ software eliminates these concerns, allowing enterprises to see all of the advantages inherent to cloud-based storage and file sharing with virtually none of the drawbacks. 

Single Set of Data

One of the biggest complications that cloud file sharing presents is the need to ensure data consistency, even as different users from different locations access, update and change that information. Talon FAST™ software overcomes this issue with its central file locking technology, which guarantees that only one user is able to modify the centralized data set at any given time.

Security & Speed

To eliminate latency, FAST™ uses Talon's Intelligent File Caching to ensure that only the most recent, relevant information is cached locally. At the same time, users can share and access any of the enterprise's cloud-stored data. Cached projects are stored on an NTFS file system, which is built and secured on Microsoft Windows Server, delivering a reliable, secure network.

Microsoft Integration

Because Talon FAST™ was built specifically to overlay the Microsoft Windows Operating System, it's extremely intuitive and easy to use for the vast majority of IT professionals. There's no learning curve - companies can deploy FAST™ and enjoy the benefits of cloud file sharing immediately.

With all of these advantages, Talon FAST™ software is the obvious answer for any enterprise looking to leverage the advantages of cloud-based file sharing.

Delivering Highly Scalable Enterprise Storage with Global File Sharing and Collaboration

Microsoft StorSimple and Azure together with Talon FAST™ Enterprise Edition the ideal approach for encouraging collaboration on a global scale.

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