Talon FAST™

Data Management & IT Solutions

Organizations all around the world are now generating and collecting more data than ever before. This presents huge opportunities to enterprises in every sector - and huge challenges. To maximize value and productivity in the face of overwhelming data demands, distributed enterprises need to turn to the right tools. Talon FAST™ software is a powerful resource, simplifying data management and improving IT performance across the organization.

Centralize & Secure Application Data

Talon FAST™ relies on centralization to reduce IT infrastructure and data complexity. This ensures that there is a single set of data, meaning there is no risk of inconsistent information at different company branches. Every change that is made by a user at one location will be reflected in that central data set.

Did you know? More than 85% of corporations’ storage footprint is unstructured file data.
This includes documents, business and project plans, media & graphics,
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Improve Collaboration

Not only does this simplify the enterprise's overall data management, but it also improves collaboration among personnel. Employees at one location can access and work with a file set confident in the knowledge that this is the most up-to-date and accurate information available.
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Eliminate Branch Office Backups

The centralized approach eliminates the need to back up files at individual branch locations. This both simplifies IT infrastructure and also reduces the risk of duplicate data or inaccuracies cropping up. 

Talon's approach to data management and IT solutions combines the best aspects of hybrid cloud storage and localized file sharing to create an IT environment that is simplified, streamlined and cost-effective.

Eliminate Branch Office Backups (Infographic)

Eliminate the need for branch office backups by centralizing data.

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