Talon FAST™
#Delivering Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Storage with Talon and Microsoft Azure Hybrid cloud storage is quickly becoming the standard for enterprises around the globe. With the hybrid cloud, businesses can meet the challenges presented by the rapid growth of unstructured data in a way that combines cost efficiency with maximum information availability.  Combining Microsoft StorSimple and Azure is one of the best hybrid cloud storage options available to enterprises today. Together with Talon [FAST™ Software](/products), this presents the ideal approach for encouraging collaboration on a global scale. ![](/static/img/enterprise-sharing.jpg) **StorSimple + Azure** In Microsoft's hybrid cloud storage solution, the bulk of an enterprise's data is stored in its Azure cloud. StorSimple represents a cloud-based tiered storage program, ensuring that the most active data remains either on-premise or is easily and quickly retrievable from cloud environments. This creates maximum cost efficiency without making data inaccessible to enterprise employees, contractors and other users.  But there's a problem here: These benefits only apply to companies with a single data center. For a distributed enterprise, data access and centralization are both issues. This causes file sharing and collaboration complications, which significantly undermine the advantages that hybrid cloud storage would otherwise provide. **The FAST™ Answer** Talon FAST™ Enterprise Edition overcomes this obstacle, ensuring that global enterprises can enjoy hybrid cloud storage while enabling file sharing and collaboration for personnel throughout the organization. Put simply, [Talon FAST™ software](/products) expands the benefits of Talon + Azure to the entirety of the enterprise. With Intelligent File Caching and centralization, even remote workers gain the ability to access and use any files at any time. Active information remains consistently available at branches, while less active data is stored centrally but remains available when needed. **[Talon FAST™ software](/products) overlays on top of the Microsoft Windows Server operating system, making it incredibly easy for enterprise IT personnel to deploy and the perfect complement to a Microsoft traditional or (hybrid) cloud storage solution.**