Talon FAST™

Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration is key for any business operating today, but enabling and encouraging collaboration has become a major challenge for any global enterprise. For effective collaboration to occur, workers at branch offices, contractors, freelancers and all other personnel need to be able to share information and files with one another quickly, easily and securely. Achieving this level of data accessibility and sharability is a problem for many enterprises. For these companies, Talon FAST™ is the answer.

Enterprise Collaboration

With Talon FAST™ software, employees around the globe can work on a file at any time, even as other personnel access that same file. Talon's file-locking technology ensures that changes can only be made by one user at a time, which eliminates the risk that workers will see incongruous or inaccurate data. Consistent information, and consistent access, are both essential for effective collaboration.

Unbeatable Performance

Countless companies have run into performance problems when trying to distribute files across their entire organizations. WAN optimization virtual desktop infrastructure and other strategies have all failed to address this issue. However, with Talon FAST™, enterprises can enjoy optimal performance and speed without sacrificing security or driving up costs. This holds true even for enterprises in the AEC space that work with massive file sets on a constant basis.

Simplified IT

Talon FAST™ can be layered smoothly onto Windows Server, meaning that enterprises gain much greater collaborative capabilities without complicating their IT infrastructure.


Critically, Talon FAST™ delivers all of these collaboration benefits while ensuring that enterprise files remain fully protected from the risk of data loss or exposure. Enterprises can encourage collaboration without worrying about increasing the chances of a data breach.

With all of these advantages, Talon FAST™ is the obvious answer for any enterprise looking to boost its collaboration capabilities.

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