Talon FAST™
#How your End Users Benefit By deploying Talon FAST™ in your distributed enterprise, you bring your islands of unstructured data together in the cloud. It's the key component which helps to centralize, consolidate, and orchestrate advanced data management within your organization. It's a catalyst that unleashes innovation within your business, fueled by an exceptional global file-sharing and collaboration experience.
###Optimal Performance The Talon FAST™ solution centralizes data in the cloud and distributes that data to branch sites via a global data fabric, giving your users access to these shares via a UNC path or a DFS Namespace. The user experience for FAST™ in the cloud is analogous to the experience of having a local file server; i.e. users or applications can navigate to a directory structure, select shares/folders, and work with files stored in the cloud. The complete range of file operations (open, save, copy, paste, etc.) are available to the user without requiring a change in workflow. **Here's how this works:** - When a user requests use of a file in the central repository, the Active Directory will authenticate that user’s access rights - After successful authentication, the file is opened centrally from the cloud by the FAST™ core, and a lock is applied (centrally) to that file - If the file has not ever been accessed from that location, the file is served streamed to that local file server with FAST™'s proprietary streaming and compression technology - If, however, the file has been used by (any user in) that location before, it is likely residing in the local cache. In this case the file will be served out of the local cache without incurring network transfer operations, thereby providing a high performance experience - If the file version in local cache is not the most up-to-date version in the cloud platform repository, any differences (and only the differences) will be sent to the local cache and merged with the cached version of the file upon open; this maximizes performance and minimizes network resource use - Note: the file remains locked at the central cloud repository, and is only served after authentication and lock are performed - User operations continue as normal, and any updates/changes/writes will be cached locally - Upon save/exit, any changes to the file will be differenced back to the authoritative central copy in the cloud - Upon exit, after the saves are completed centrally, the file is closed and the lock will be released and available to other users
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