Talon FAST™

Modernize Distributed Storage

Managing and consolidating data is a tricky, time-consuming mess. More often than not trying to fix the problem just creates a bigger one. Before you know it you've got hundreds of TB's or even PB's of unstructured data just clogging up your servers and storage platforms. What if there was a way to only keep current, relevant data on-site, and keep the old files elsewhere, without sacrificing performance?

How to cut storage costs with Talon FAST™

Are you managing "Islands of Data" in your branch offices?

Are your users struggling with poor performance accessing their files?

Do you need to modernize storage by separating active from archive data?

Does the business require you to move your unstructured data workloads into hybrid or public cloud?

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Talon + NetApp: Consolidate Distributed File Servers

With Talon FAST™ Intelligent File Caching software and the NetApp Data Fabric, using Cloud Volumes ONTAP in conjunction with Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS public cloud infratructure, you can do more than just control your data. You revolutionize the way your company manages unstructured data by centralizing and consolidating distributed file servers from branch office locations into a "Single Set of Data".

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What is Talon FAST™ ?

  Enables enterprises to consolidate file storage into a “Single Set of Data”

  Centralizes your data into customer’s traditional or cloud (integrated) datacenter

  Eliminates complexity, storage, infrastructure and backups at the branch

  Delivers instant Enterprise Global File Sharing with Distributed File Locking

  Ensure a High performance experience at all geographically distributed locations

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