Talon FAST™
###Software Installation Package _Stand-alone Software Installation Package, to be used with Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016_ **SOFTWARE INSTALLATION & DOCUMENTATION** **[FAST™ Software 4.5.2 #101 (.exe)](http://www.talonstorage.com/software/TalonFAST-4-5-2-101-Release.exe)** (15MB) - MD5: 3f7e7f6cdad8d6bca5497e8b6ca0591b **[FAST™ 4.5 Release Notes](http://www.talonstorage.com/nologin-files/documentation/Talon%20FAST%204.5%20-%20Release%20Notes.pdf) **[FAST™ 4.5 User Guide](http://www.talonstorage.com/nologin-files/documentation/Talon%20FAST%204.5%20-%20User%20Guide.pdf) _* You can use this software installation package to install the FAST™ software on your corporate Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 build. Please consult the requirements documentation and user guide for the installation process_. #####  ###Virtual Appliance _Includes Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 and FAST™ Software Installation Package_ In addition to the software Installation package and documentation, the following virtual appliance templates contain Microsoft Windows Server evaluation instance with Talon FAST™ base software package* included. This template can be activated through KMS or a Microsoft License Activation Key that is associated with your Microsoft Volume Licensing or Enterprise Agreement. **VIRTUAL APPLIANCE TEMPLATES** **Windows Server 2012 R2** **[Virtual Appliance (VMWare 5.1+ .OVA) - Windows Server 2012 R2](http://www.talonstorage.com/software/Talon-FAST-4.5.94-WS2012R2.ova)** **Includes Talon FAST™ 4.5.0 (8GB)** MD5: 2b3d40f4b8250e2c20b8538df64ba250 | [REQUIREMENTS](/products/fast-product-requirements) **[Virtual Appliance (Hyper-V .VHD) - Windows Server 2012 R2](http://www.talonstorage.com/software/Talon-FAST-4.5.94-WS2012R2-VHD.zip)** **Includes Talon FAST™ 4.5.0 (8GB)** MD5: ddcc5aeaf3f839f083c01e9090e45c56 | [REQUIREMENTS](/products/fast-product-requirements) **Windows Server 2016** **[Virtual Appliance (VMWare 5.5+ .OVA) - Windows Server 2016 Standard (Desktop Experience)](http://www.talonstorage.com/software/Talon-FAST-4.5.94-WS2016.ova)** **Includes Talon FAST™ 4.5.0 (8GB)** MD5: b364e4a067ff208f26fcba22d4cb244c | [REQUIREMENTS](/products/fast-product-requirements) _* IMPORTANT: Once the Virtual Appliance template has been deployed and is configured, you must update FAST™ software using the latest software installation package_.