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Talon FAST™ Online Video Training

Watch our online video training to get familiar with Talon FAST™ and its installation and configuration on Windows Server. Our support team is standing by to answer your questions and guide you throught the setup and migration procedure. Installation Services are also available. Please contact us for more information.




1. Introduction Introduction to Talon FAST™
Why Talon FAST™
System Requirements
2. Deploy & Install Download the latest software from the Customer Portal
Installing the Talon FAST™ Virtual Template
Installing the Talon FAST™ Software
3. Upgrading to v3.0 Download the latest software from the Customer Portal
Upgrading the Talon FAST™ Software
4. Core Configuration Configuring the Talon FAST™ Core Instance
Implementing the License
Service Account
CIFS/SMB Backend File Servers
5. Edge Configuration Configuring the Talon FAST™ Edge Instance
Implementing the License
Using the Appliance ID
Associate the Edge with the Core Instance


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