Talon FAST™

Cloud Consolidation with Google Cloud and Talon FAST™

Google Cloud Platform supports your modernized infrastructure through fully integrated cloud services, easy VM migration, database migration, and fully integrated cloud application support. FAST™ will transform your Google Cloud Platform investment into a centralized and consolidated data set that enhances your data tiering and caching needs.

Google Cloud Platform and FAST™

Utilize fully managed, scalable database services to support your application workloads and data sharing needs with Google Cloud Platform and use your existing VMs to leverage Google Cloud Platform and Talon FAST™ in your remote locations. Consolidate your data into the cloud and use integrated, industry-standard technology like NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Volumes Service to keep your data centralized and secure, even in your remote offices. FAST™ and Google Cloud platform make it easy to simplify data management, scale your storage, and provide global file access on-demand.

A Proven Enterprise Data Storage Partnership

If you're already a Google Cloud Platform customer, or if you're looking for ways to consolidate enterprise data storage and management, Google Cloud Platform and FAST™ can cut your storage costs by up to 70%. They're the cost-cutting partners you've been waiting for—and together, they'll deliver an experience your users will love.

What Google Cloud Platform and FAST™ Provides for your Enterprise

Simplifies database management by providing transparent file access to a centralized dataset in the cloud

Consolidates your data into the cloud and ensures consistent data access and security at remote locations

Provides fully integrated cloud services for application workflows and end-to-end automation

Connects your distributed locations to a cloud platform and distributes active project files to branch offices on-demand via a global data fabric

Enables you to grow at the speed of your business with scalable, limitless storage and on-demand file capacity

Further lowers your storage costs by eliminating the need for local branch data management and ensures your data is secure and protected at the edge


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