Talon FAST™ and NetApp

Storage for the Modern Enterprise
Talon FAST™ software and NetApp ONTAP helps global enterprises solve challenges around distributed and datacenter file storage by centralizing and consolidating corporate file data. This data is merged into all-flash or hybrid arrays, hybrid cloud/converged infrastructure, or directly into the cloud. This joint-solution approach, which leverages the core principles of software-defined storage (SDS), ensures high-performance global access to your data while maintaining enterprise control and security.

What ONTAP already does for you
How FAST™ extends NetApp's value
Manages critical unstructured data and reduces your storage footprint, while simplifying management and cutting storage costs
Extends centralized data storage to branch locations, helping you consolidate local IT assets and eliminate local backups for even greater cost savings
Provides a foundation for a data fabric that guarantees maximum flexibility and control across multiple storage environments
Completes your software-defined storage fabric by providing high-performance access to centralized storage and caching only frequently used data at the branch
Deploys and manages storage across a wide range of architectures, future-proofing your data infrastructure
Provides users with the real-time collaboration experience of local file storage, even when they're accessing storage over a great distance

How They Work Together

The FAST™ fabric is storage agnostic, capable of relying on SMB/CIFS, iSCSI targets, or direct cloud storage integration. This makes it easy for FAST™ to integrate with your existing NetApp ONTAP data fabric's storage environments, from all-flash to hybrid cloud to converged to pure cloud infrastructure.

Talon FAST™ and NetApp FAS/AFF & Fabric Pools

Talon FAST™ and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

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A Proven Enterprise Data Storage Partnership

If you're already a NetApp customer, or if you're looking for ways to consolidate enterprise data storage and management, ONTAP and FAST™ can cut your storage costs by up to 70%. They're the cost-cutting partners you've been waiting for—and together, they'll deliver an experience your users will love.

Talon + NetApp Customer Success

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