4 Lessons About Secure File Sharing You Can Learn from Little Kids

by Jaap van Duijvenbode on September 3, 2016

If you don't have kids or nieces and nephews, it would pay off to spend an afternoon at the park watching other little kids play. For all the silliness and simplicity, there is actually a good bit of wisdom there that we seem to forget as we get older. Those lessons can take us through life, and can be applied to many situations, including secure file sharing. What can the kiddos teach us about that?

1. Making Mistakes is Okay, as Long as You Learn

Just because the file sharing system hasn't caught on in a week or two doesn't mean the initiative failed. Be like the 4-year-old in Wal-Mart who wants the new Matchbox car. Be persistent.

Often, secure file sharing tools fail in an organization simply because "we tried it once" and "it didn't catch on". Kids don't give up just because their first try didn't succeed. In fact, if they are truly motivated, they have no qualms about asking teacher/mom/dad/babysitter/grandma/granddad the exact same question upwards of 100 times in a row. That's persistence. If people are still depending too heavily on email two weeks after you implement your secure file sharing system, don't call it a failure. Just call it time to try harder.

2. Curiosity is Actually a Good Thing

The average three-year-old has a vocabulary of about 200 words, but you would never suspect it. They tend to use just one word with any consistency, and that's the word, "why." "Why do we have to eat meatloaf?" "Why do I have to brush my teeth?" "Why did you have my little sister?" It's probably why the parents of toddlers are such avid consumers of wine. At some point between the age of three and the age of I-got-a-job, we lose our innate curiosity. We quit asking why things are the way they are. We just accept it and cope.

While coping is an excellent skill, why cope with a bad situation when you can question it, determine it can be something better, and make it so? Secure file sharing opens the door to ask why once again. We can freely ask, share, and learn information across the organization. Use your file sharing tools to reclaim your lost sense of curiosity, and encourage your employees to do the same.

3. Be Productive When You Feel Productive

Most little kids have times of the day when they are active, playful, and ready to learn. Then, when they get tired, you can't even get them interested in their very favorite activities. Why do adults believe that we can force ourselves to be productive on a schedule? Some people are most on-the-ball in the mornings; others don't get their energy kick-in until after lunch. Many are actually more productive into the evening hours. Secure file sharing enables us to work when our natural clocks tell us it's time. If that happens to be at radically different hours than other workers, that's okay! Because the work is there when it's needed.

4. Think Big. Then Think Even Bigger!

Don't relegate yourself to less than you could become. Take a lesson from Batkid himself: set your sights as high as you can and then work towards getting there.

Kids know a lot about scalability, even though they can't say the word and explaining it to them would just trigger lots of glassy-eyed looks and questions about playtime. They truly believe that if they can wear a Batman suit for Halloween they can become Batman. If mom lets them have the fairy princess wings and wand at the dollar store, they can indeed become a fairy princess. Dreams, goals, and aspirations are scalable. Why do we lose this? Why do we stop, at some point, scaling up our plans and goals? Setting your sights "too high" is how we ended up with light bulbs, motor vehicles, and rocket ships.

When choosing a secure file sharing system, think big. Think scalable. It may begin as a simple way to manage projects, but it can grow into a powerful collaboration tool that can help catapult the business into the next wave of success. Be sure to partner with a vendor that offers a product capable of scaling up with you.

What does the right secure file sharing solution look like? Download the Talon FAST™ Solution overview to find out. It's kindergarten-tested and toddler-approved. No, not really, but it sounded good.

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