FAST™ - Enabling 3rd party collaboration for worldwide worksharing [Video]

by Talon on May 29, 2015

Real-time collaboration is a top-level priority for any globally distributed enterprise. However, this issue is especially important for international consultancy practices that need to collaborate beyond the realm of their traditional file sharing infrastructure. These companies must be able to securely and rapidly share large files and other documents with their own employees and 3rd party clients, regardless of geography.

That's easier said than done. Third-party collaboration and real-time worksharing is particularly difficult when applications are complex and the file sets involved are massive. For an industry-leading enterprise, traditional storage, latency and inaccessibility can severely impact productivity, hurt client relationships and cause project deadlines to be missed.

This is precisely what Talon FAST™ offers. A software-based solution that is built on the semantics of Intelligent File Caching, only caching what is actually needed at the branch. CloudFAST™ delivers immediate speed and performance to your end-user community, while guaranteeing the data consistency of a centralized approach by leveraging true central file locking. This allows an enterprise to offer real-time worksharing with clients or other 3rd parties around the globe without worrying about performance, reliability or scalability.

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