For IT simplicity and data access, Wayss & Freytag turned to FAST™

by Andrew Mullen on May 25, 2015

For IT simplicity and data access, Wayss & Freytag turned to FAST™

For today's business, global access to data is everything. A company that struggles to collect, generate or utilize information will simply not be able to thrive, regardless of its industry or size. Data has truly become the lifeblood for countless organizations.

For IT simplicity and data access, Wayss & Freytag turned to FAST™That being the case, it's easy to see why it's so important for businesses to make data access and collaboration solutions a priority. After all, a company's information only possesses value if its employees can use the resource regularly, easily and quickly, regardless of their physical locations.

This was the challenge that Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG faced. A subsidiary of the Royal BAM Group, Wayss & Freytag is a leading innovator in the field of civil engineering projects. To truly optimize its capabilities, the company needed to make large amounts of data more readily available for the workforce, all while simplifying its IT infrastructure.

Talon's FAST™ allowed Wayss & Freytag to accomplish both of these goals and more. In fact, CloudFAST™ quickly proved itself to be the ideal solution for Wayss & Freytag, and for this industry at large.

Data challenges
Founded in 1875, Wayss & Freytag is a company that has clearly stood the test of time. Today, the firm operates more than a dozen geographically dispersed locations within Germany, where its approximately 650 engineers and knowledge workers focus primarily on civil engineering and international tunneling markets. As a leading innovator in these fields, Wayss & Freytag generates a tremendous amount of raw data. This information takes a number of forms, including:

  • CAD models
  • BIM models
  • High-resolution photographs
  • Graphics-intensive reports

Such information creation is unavoidable for Wayss & Freytag and other engineering and construction firms. However, this data is only useful if it is fully available to geographically dispersed personnel. If end users have to wait to access any of the information or, even worse, cannot use it at all, the workforce loses its ability to collaborate. Not only does this hurt productivity and efficiency, but it can also prove exceedingly frustrating for users.

TestWayss & Freytag's engineering projects involve massive amounts of data.

Additionally, Wayss & Freytag needed to find a way to simplify IT infrastructure at its branch locations and construction sites, all while relying on high-latency 3G/4G connections to enable collaboration on its civil engineering projects. A complicated infrastructure would inevitably caused administrative and data management headaches and hurt efficiency.

The FAST™ solution
Wayss & Freytag needed to satisfy a lot of requirements to maximize its employees' ability to innovate to the best of their collective talents. Before long, the firm's leaders realized Talon's FAST™ was the perfect solution, as Harald Weiss, the company's IT manager, explained.

"The FAST™ solution is a great fit in our industry," Weiss stated. "For companies such as ours that deal in high volumes of data, CloudFAST™ promises to change the game in the area of data centralization and collaboration."

"Almost immediately, on-site users can access the company's live data in real time."

With FAST™, Wayss & Freytag can ensure its construction sites are up and running in hours, rather than days or weeks. Almost immediately, on-site users can access the company's live data in real time. Critically, CloudFAST™ provides this level of information availability and data integrity even if users' connections are subpar thanks to WAN infrastructure limitations. Personnel relying on satellite or mobile 3G or 4G network connections are still able to view and alter massive files. This helps ensure workers can continue to collaborate under any conditions, without worrying about their network status.

What's more, FAST™ proved ideal for Wayss & Freytag because the company's workers were already well-versed with Microsoft applications, simplifying IT infrastructure and making it easy to work with Talon's solution.

As Wayss & Freytag's experience goes to show, FAST™ is a powerful choice for any distributed enterprise eager to maximize collaboration for its workforce.

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