How to Crush Performance Bottlenecks When Using CAD and Design Applications Using Business Cloud Storage

by Michael Fiorenza on June 24, 2016

CAD and design applications have come light-years just in the past half-decade. Renderings are more richly detailed, dynamic, and accurate than anyone dreamed possible several years ago. But as the programs have advanced, so has the size of the associated files.

At the same time that CAD drawings and design software has grown in its practical usefulness, enterprises have globalized -- meaning that engineers, architects, construction managers, and others have to be able to access, collaborate on, and share these files over long distances. Given the size of these files, that's no menial task. But with the right business cloud storage solution, you can eliminate the performance bottlenecks that make sharing and collaborating on huge CAD and design files as simple as working on the files from the same office.

Business Cloud Storage Makes It Faster, Easier & More Secure to Share CAD & Design Files Over Long Distances

The Talon Storage solution works for remote job sites as well as branch offices in established locations.

Industries like architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and legal have turned to a business cloud storage solution that makes it easy, fast, and secure to share massive files across the country or around the globe. The first step is to centralize the data, either in an on-premises enterprise data storage solution or in the cloud, and then to enable high-performance, highly-secure user access via Talon FAST. The CloudFAST product is designed to extend the file sharing infrastructure beyond the enterprise data warehouse (or business cloud storage) and out to end users in branch offices, remote job sites, and other locations that are geographically separated from the main offices and data center.

Talon FAST Comes Out-of-the-Box With Support for the Most Popular CAD & Design Software Applications

Popular design and CAD products like AutoDesk AutoCAD, Civil3D, and Revit are compatible with the Talon FAST product out of the box. Talon's product features the Intelligent File Caching mechanism, which runs on Windows Server and features compression, data reduction, and file streaming to make file saving and file opening as fast and efficient as you would achieve if the end user and the file storage were in the same location. Intelligent File Cache incrementally updates changes as they are made by the users. It's vastly scalable, since it only caches the information that is actually needed at that location.

Dealing with the High I/O Demands of CAD & Design Software Applications

With the right business cloud storage product, users in your branch offices can get the same or similar performance as those in your home office, even when working with massive CAD and design files that won't compress much.

Similarly, products like Bentley Microstation, AECOsim, and STAAD.Pro are notoriously intense users of I/O, meaning that a lot of file transactions are all happening at the same time, adversely affecting the performance when done in a distributed branch office environment. FAST significantly improves the speed and performance of these applications by utilizing a read-ahead and write-back caching mechanism. This mechanism instantly completes the user's operations and then streams the data back to the authoritative copy on the central file server.

Other design products, such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) create large files that aren't very compressible, including images and vector art. Until recently, about the only ways to try to improve the performance of these large, uncompressible files in a distributed environment is to optimize the WAN and batch replication and hope for the best. The Talon FAST for Windows Server gives you the power to pre-populate the most active design files, linked files, and image libraries with the Intelligent File Cache when the WAN is experiencing low workloads. Then the user experience is greatly optimized when opening, working on, and saving these large files.

Learn more about the FAST product and how it can improve the distributed workflow of your CAD and design files when you download the Talon CloudFAST data sheet.

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