The Microsoft Azure and StorSimple value proposition [Video]

by Talon on July 17, 2015

The Microsoft Azure cloud is the obvious choice when it comes to meeting a large and growing number of enterprise cloud needs. There are various functional benefits. Whether being used for hosted websites, virtual machines, active directories or managing SQL database workloads, Microsoft Azure can facilitate your needs. Recently, Microsoft released the latest version of the StorSimple solution. StorSimple brings hybrid cloud storage to those organizations that are serious about reducing on-premise storage costs while increasing capacity and leveraging the cloud as a storage tier.

To date, 57 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure public cloud solutions, and with good reason: Azure is proven, reliable, familiar and extremely cost-effective. And StorSimple's hybrid cloud model brings the cloud closer to enterprise IT environments, providing a high-performance storage SAN array at the datacenter while extending that data set and snapshots into the Azure cloud for backup and disaster recovery purposes.

However, for a distributed enterprise to fully benefit from Microsoft Azure and StorSimple, it needs to bring that data closer to the end users. Talon FAST™ and its Intelligent File Caching ensure that users throughout the organization can access the cloud-stored data they need, whenever they need it, while still benefiting from an optimal performance at any location. CloudFAST™ maximizes the value that the enterprise will see from their Microsoft StorSimple hybrid cloud strategy.

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