Talon and Signiant Announce Technology Alliance to Streamline Cloud Storage Consolidation

on July 12, 2016

Together, Talon and Signiant bring to market a solution enabling distributed data to be made available as a single, secure storage repository for all global users

Toronto, Canada – July 12, 2016 - Talon, a provider of Microsoft based intelligent file caching solutions for distributed enterprises, today announced at the Microsoft World Partner Conference that it has entered into a technology alliance with Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software. Signiant and Talon are working together to bring technology components that allow globally distributed data to be rapidly and robustly migrated to a central cloud storage and then made available as a single, consistent storage repository to all users across the globe with enterprise security, data integrity, and file locking as well as local-like performance regardless of where the users reside. 

Enterprise customers are demanding their vendors come up with integrated, tested, end-to-end solutions to have storage in the cloud. Signiant’s patented acceleration technology provides fast, secure transfer of large data sets over any IP network, allowing easy migration of unstructured data from distributed file server instances into a single, Azure-based file share location. Talon’s FAST™ provides global access to that share with full enterprise security and file sharing controls while still delivering the local-like performance that users demand. Together, Talon and Signiant become a powerful and cost-effective solution perfectly in step and responsive to market demand for cloud storage consolidation.

“Here at Signiant, we are pleased to enter into a technology alliance with Talon to provide customers with a unique solution that will facilitate their shift to cloud-based storage,” said Rick Cramer, SVP of Global Operations for Signiant. “By ensuring reliable high-speed data transfer from anywhere in the world, we can support Talon’s vision of providing an increasingly distributed workforce with seamless access to the cloud.”
The bringing together of complementary solutions such as FAST™ and Signiant technology is an example of how leading enterprise vendors such as Microsoft, Talon, and Signiant are working together to drive the value chain of enterprise cloud migration and use.

“2016 has been a year of acceleration. Our clients needs are maturing and in response, we are delivering a solution that leverages the cloud to slash cost and risk while simultaneously increasing the enterprise’s ability to collaborate,” said Andrew Mullen, SVP, Talon. “We know our alliance with Signiant will also fulfill the promise of seamless cloud storage and we look forward to the convenience this will bring to the global workforce Talon serves.”

More information on Talon FAST™ for can be found at http://www.talonstorage.com/

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