Talon Provides Atlas Industries With Dramatic Increase in Productivity and Ability to Collaborate With Clients in the Distributed Enterprise

on February 24, 2015

Project Documentation and BIM consultant gains remote office availability and reliability with Talon’s FAST™

Mount Laurel, NJ – February 24, 2015 - Talon, the leading provider of Microsoft™ File Aware application performance, intelligent file caching solutions for distributed enterprise infrastructure, today announced that Atlas Industries, a leading provider of project documentation and Building Information Modeling (BIM) consultancy services to architects, engineers and the construction industry, has chosen Talon FAST for its company-wide solution for improving file collaboration, providing a dramatic increase in uptime- keeping its Saigon office in contact with its clients despite an unreliable global WAN infrastructure.

Atlas Industries is a UK-owned company with its operations center based in Saigon, Vietnam, and with offices in the UK, and Australia and helps practices of all sizes overcome resource constraints, meet tight deadlines and successfully document and deliver profitable projects. Atlas Industries offers integrated multi-disciplinary services and project documentation, coordination and management.

Atlas Industries brought in Talon executives to run FAST™ at a time that coincided with a network outage. Typically, and outage would mean work between Atlas Industries’ office in Saigon would slow from normal efficiency to approximately 30% of that benchmark when working collaboratively with clients. Altas Industries’ Simon Richards noted a dramatic increase in uptime. “Talon had us running at 90% during the network outage, and obviously that was a great success in what had been a disruption for us up until that time.”

Atlas Industries has cultivated a team of senior architects and engineers trained on every major CAD and BIM platform. As documentation is Atlas’ core business, the company prides itself on its eye for detail in providing a valuable partnership for its global clients.

“There were several benefits worth noting in bringing Talon’s FAST™ in house,” said Richards. “It provided us with a sense of reliability we could not enjoy prior to its installation. Another positive is that Talon’s FAST™ runs on a typical Windows Server and it was simply more manageable and more cost effective than other comparable solutions. Talon was much less expensive to implement than a hardware-based solution, installation was easy and the cost carry over to our clients is minimal.”

Talon’s FAST™ software has enjoyed wide adoption with its install base growing over 600% over the past two years.

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