Talon Redefines Global File Sharing With New Release of FAST™ for Windows Server

on October 06, 2014

FAST™ Intelligent File Aware™ architecture extends enterprise file sharing and collaboration for the distributed workforce

  • Enhanced Performance: Secure file sharing using SMB v3, drastically increasing performance and end user productivity
  • Enhanced Reliability: New integration with Microsoft Cluster Services for simple and more powerful redundancy and high availability
  • Enhanced Scalability: Scales on-premise and hybrid-cloud storage infrastructure by providing a direct interface to SAN / DAS mounts
  • Simplified Management: New simplified management of data center file shares, streamlining access control of large data sets

Mount Laurel, NJ – October 6, 2014 - Talon, the leading provider of Microsoft-based enterprise file sharing and collaboration solutions for branch offices, today announced that it has released its next generation of Talon FAST™ 3.0 for Windows Server. This major release provides powerful security, reliability, and scalability enhancements to the world’s only Microsoft-certified enhanced file system – with a 40% increase in performance over the previous version. By leveraging FAST™ Intelligent File Aware™ Caching, distributed enterprises are achieving unprecedented productivity and collaboration while taking performance to new levels, even across global geographies. With FAST™ 3.0, all remote users experience real-time access to corporate storage and file shares as if they were in the same office.

FAST™’s new features include support for SMB v3, and direct connections to backend SAN, DAS, and iSCSI-based storage, allowing enhanced iSCSI backend support, along with simplified management and high availability. Customers can now also scale both on-premise and cloud-enabled infrastructure by directly mounting SAN volumes and exporting them to the edges without back-end fileserver involvement. This capability creates benefits for pure data centers and hybrid cloud deployments.

FAST™ also provides enhanced filtering and simplifies management of file shares excluded from access outside the data center and can limit access to specified shares from given remote branches. This functionality is a clear differentiator from competition as it allows the isolation of data center file sets for use in outsourced, third party consultancy or managed service provider deployments.

Shirish Phatak, Talon CEO explains, “The latest FAST™ 3.0 release is ground breaking for organizations looking to extend data center and cloud storage to the distributed enterprise without sacrificing performance or data integrity and at cost that is unbeatable. At Talon, we are poised to achieve our mission of ensuring that distributed enterprise file sharing and collaboration on premises and in the cloud are more efficient, more productive, and most importantly, delivered without compromise.”

Talon’s FAST™ software has enjoyed unprecedented success in the last two years, with its install base growing over 600%. FAST™ 3.0 is available November 15 for new deployments and as a free upgrade to existing customers.

About Talon
Talon, a leader in next generation software-defined storage solutions, enables enterprises to centralize and consolidate IT storage infrastructure, while bringing data closer to their users, enabling enterprise global file sharing and collaboration. This results in streamlined IT management and improved end user productivity. From its headquarters in Mount Laurel, NJ and its global locations, Talon serves the largest Global 2000 organizations including the most established Architectural, Construction, Engineering, Energy, Offshore and Manufacturing companies.

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