#Deploying FAST™ with Microsoft StorSimple

Distributed enterprises can drastically reduce costs and IT complexity by replacing on-premise data center infrastructure with the Microsoft StorSimple solution. Azure services like Azure Backup, Site Recovery, and StorSimple Virtual Appliance for Disaster Recovery protect data, all while extending all redundant storage aspects, including unstructured data, into the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

At the same time Talon FAST™ software, running on Windows Server, delivers high performance global file sharing and collaboration to all branch office users, ensuring business continuity throughout the enterprise.

Learn how Cimpress (Vistaprint) has leveraged Talon FAST™ and Microsoft StorSimple to centralize and consolidate their storage into a "Single Set of Data" Watch now »

The FAST™ Fabric: Storage Agnostic

Datacenter Modernization Strategy
Branch Office Modernization Strategy
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Perfect World Scenario

"This joint-solution strategy allows us to leverage Microsoft Azure StorSimple as an alternative for expensive traditional storage platforms, while delivering central file shares in real-time to our branch offices using Talon’s Intelligent File Caching solution. The Talon FAST™ software helps us to streamline and reduce branch office IT footprint to a minimum, eliminate branch backups, and replace proprietary cloud gateways."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable Talon FAST™ solution?

If you are a Microsoft StorSimple customer, you can enable the FAST™ offering directly from the Azure Marketplace. Once you follow the steps in the "Getting Started" section, you will receive the instructions to enable the FAST™ Service VM and the instances for your distributed offices.

Can I use my Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA) to pay for the Talon FAST™ Solution?

No, Talon is a certified Microsoft ISV partner, which means that the FAST™ solution is billed as a separate charge in addition to your VM and Azure Storage costs.

How do I contact Talon Support?

You can contact our support team at any time for your technical needs.

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