Talon FAST™

Cloud Volumes Service: Extreme Performance for File Services in the Cloud

Utilize the power of a fully managed cloud service that enables you to move your mission-critical workloads and applications to the cloud and manage them with ease through Cloud Volumes Service and FAST™.

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The High Performance, Automatic File System that Transforms Enterprise Storage

Transform your AWS storage platform with FAST™ data centralization and leverage the power of Cloud Volumes Service for automatic infrastructure configuration. With consistently high performance and over 450k IOPS, Cloud Volumes Service provides shared persistent storage with high throughput and low latency that meets the demands of large databases and HPC applications like: Software builds, Genomic sequencing, Video rendering and transcoding, EDA, Financial simulation models, Oil and gas 3D modeling, and Fluid dynamics.

Consolidate Data Using Industry-standard Technology

To process, store, and analyze massive amounts of data, your shared file service needs lightning-fast, highly reliable storage solutions. FAST™ + Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is up to the challenge. It enables running HPC workloads in the cloud that benefits from elastic computing and enhance consolidation stratgies through streamlined IT infrastructure. This can be far less expensive than running on-prem and takes significantly fewer resources.

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service and Talon FAST™ Benefits

√ Centralizes and consolidates unstructured data workloads into AWS and/or GCP

√ Provides a transparent SMB interface via the FAST™ Fabric, presented by NetApp SMB

√ Software-Defined Storage and data management (LUNs, Volumes, ACLs, NTFS Permissions)

√ Configures and manages your infrastructure via a fully managed file service

√ Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory

√ Provides cloud snapshots, backup/restore, and archive

√ Ensures Disaster recovery using SnapMirror and FAST™ Fabric clustering

√ Transparently extends central file storage to distributed locations, with distributed file locking, in real-time

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Reference Architecture: Google Cloud Platform

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Reference Architecture: Amazon AWS

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