Deploying Talon FAST™ in Microsoft Azure

Cloud “First” Strategy
Today, enterprises are looking to take advantage of public cloud platforms that can be managed in accord with industry best practices while costs are significantly cut. This ‘Cloud First’ strategy allows organizations to benefit from the scalability and flexibility of the cloud and leverage their existing enterprise agreements or consume these services on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

Next Generation Software-Defined Storage Solution

Talon FAST™ realizes the benefits of cloud storage across your entire enterprise by centralizing and consolidating distributed file storage into the Microsoft Azure Cloud. FAST™ transparently extends the power of your existing distributed locations, allowing users transparent integration with Microsoft Azure, enabling high performance enterprise global file sharing and collaboration without sacrificing performance or control.

The FAST™ Fabric: Storage Agnostic

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FAST™ Benefits

Centralize and Secure Data

Create a "Single Set of Data" using existing traditional datacenter, hybrid-cloud or full cloud datacenter infrastructure

High Performance

Creates a flexible Intelligent File Cache at the branch for maximum performance and optimal end user experience

Global File Sharing

Delivers enterprise global file sharing with global file locking, allowing 1000's of users to collaborate in real-time

Microsoft Integration

Runs on Windows Server and transparently integrates with Microsoft Azure, Active Directory, ACLs and NTFS permissions

Cut Storage Costs

Modernize branch office IT infrastructure and systems management by reducing complexity and cut storage costs

Eliminate Branch Backup

Consolidate distributed file storage to a central 'authoritative' data set and eliminate branch office backup

FAST™ in the Enterprise

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

AEC enterprises work with massive file sets, from CAD to Revit to Adobe Creative Suite and beyond.

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The Revit Challenge

Autodesk Revit® is essential for AEC firms engaging in Building Information Modeling, which demands enterprise-wide collaboration on massive data sets.

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Watch video

Talon at Microsoft Ignite 2016 - Customer Success Story with Cimpress (Vistaprint)
Starts at 35m30s

Customer Success Story

With Talon FAST™ software, users could finally work on a ‘single set of data’ that was coherent, consistent, and ensured data integrity by providing global file locking.

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