Talon FAST™

File Acceleration & Storage-Caching Techology™

Talon FAST™ software helps organizations to modernize their distributed storage. The solution allows enterprises to centralize and consolidate unstructured data into on-premise, hybrid, or public cloud datacenters while caching active data to offices globally.

Discover Talon FAST™, a software based solution that creates software-defined storage fabric, transparently extending your on-premise or cloud datacenter file storage to your distributed branch offices.

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What is the Talon FAST™ Fabric ?

  Software solution that enables enterprises to centralize file storage into a “Single Set of Data”

  Centralizes your data into customer’s traditional or cloud (integrated) datacenter

  Eliminates complexity, storage, infrastructure, and backups at the branch

  Delivers instant Enterprise Global File-Sharing with Distributed File-Locking

  Ensure a High performance experience at all geographically distributed locations

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