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Simplifying IT Infrastructure at Branch Locations and Construction Sites

Company Overview
Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG is a subsidiary of the Royal BAM Group, a European construction company. Since 1875 they have stood for innovative civil engineering projects. The company is primarily active in the German civil engineering and international tunnelling markets. Wayss & Freytag’s strength is the ability to draw on its extensive experience to meet today’s complex construction requirements.

Wayss & Freytag

Challenge: Eliminating Slow Speeds
Wayss & Freytag activities, with about 650 users in more than 12 geographically dispersed locations across Germany, generate huge amounts of data, including CAD and BIM models, high resolution photography, and graphics-intensive reports, in addition to all of the other data that businesses typically create.

Solution: Introducing Talon FAST™
Harald Weiss, IT manager: “We had great success in deploying Talon FAST™ on dedicated hardware appliances, the fact that we could provision our remote construction sites with active project data is extremely beneficial for the business and our engineering workers.

Construction sites can be up-and-running within a matter of hours, allowing the users to access live data, in real-time, even if the connection is dramatically affected by WAN infrastructure limitations, such as satellite or mobile 3G/4G network connections. Most of our knowledge workers are using traditional applications such as Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Additionally, our civil engineering teams work with MS Project, Autodesk, and Nemetschek applications in order to design those highly complex models involving tunnels and other infrastructure objects," Harald continues.

The decision to go with Talon FAST™ turn-key appliances, in Weiss’ opinion, is a natural choice for W&F. “The FAST™ solution is a great fit in our industry,” he says. “For companies such as ours that deal in high volumes of data, FAST™ promises to change the game in the area of data centralization and collaboration.”

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Wayss & Freytag - Simplifying IT Infrastructure at the Branch locations and our Construction sites, while using high latency 3G/4G connections to collaborate on civil engineering projects.

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