Tackle Enterprise Data Storage Challenges

Access your data when and where you need it. Enterprises around the world can ensure thier branch office employees, remote workers, and contractors have immediate access to large file sets, and provide the ability to collaborate on projects quickly, easily, and safely.

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Challenges around Distributed Storage

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face today is the excessive growth of unstructured data, and the inability to centrally manage those data sets efficiently.

IDC estimates that 90 percent of today’s enterprise data is unstructured—accessed and stored across multiple environments, in multiple formats, in locations all over the world. As businesses evolve, they create distributed data storage environments that are expensive and time consuming to maintain.

Centralizing and consolidating storage can lead to big cost savings, but with centralization comes network and application performance challenges. Executives and employees have little patience for a high-latency user experience that gets in the way of seamless collaboration.

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Centralize Unstructured Data

Create a single set of data, and then use FAST™ to extend your file-sharing infrastructure to all your remote sites and branch locations. Store your single data set on premises, in a hybrid cloud environment, or in a public cloud data center. FAST™ gives you maximum flexibility.

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Consolidate Distributed IT

FAST™ is a storage-agnostic solution that works with any SMB/CIFS infrastructure, so you can adapt your storage solutions as needs change. In almost any environment and alongside almost any storage solution, you can cut storage costs by as much as 70 percent.

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Streamline Distributed IT & Eliminate Branch Office Backups

Rely on a self-sustaining, self-managing cache, and completely eliminate local backups. Intelligent File Cache ensures only the active data your team members need is stored locally, and the cache is automatically purged over time.

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Launch a Cloud-First Strategy

Enjoy all the benefits of cloud—demand elasticity, financial control, and reduced physical infrastructure costs—while still delivering a file-sharing experience so good it will feel as though employees are working in the same room, no matter where they are in the world.

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Our CEO has a vision to grow nationally and internationally over the next few years. We say 'bring it on.' We can now access files anywhere without performance worry.

Discover how FAST™ makes it possible to gain mastery over data storage

See how FAST™ works in traditional datacenters, hybrid cloud, and public cloud environments. Our subscription model provides consistent costs and savings, all while consolidating your data.

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