Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

Architecture, engineering and construction enterprises face some of the most demanding file distribution and collaboration challenges of any sector. These organizations work with massive file sets, and the information needs to be available to employees, contractors, branch offices and remote workers based around the world. Any delays or complications in these file sharing efforts will undermine productivity and cause employee frustration - both of which will hurt AEC firms' ability to compete in an increasingly complex global economy.

Talon FAST™ is built to address precisely these issues. With FAST™, AEC firms can ensure that files - including the massive data sets needed by the AEC sector - are readily available to all relevant personnel, without sacrificing security or data accuracy. This is particularly important in light of the upcoming BIM mandate and other industry drivers.

BIM requirements
Building Information Modeling is already widely embraced throughout the AEC sector. With the upcoming BIM Level 2 mandate, however, the pressure to fully accept the BIM approach is growing quickly. In 2016, all central government construction projects in the U.K. will require AEC firms to feature managed 3-D environments and attached data in their proposals. Similar regulations are likely to crop up in other nations in the near future. 

Advanced BIM demands a high level of collaboration and the use of sophisticated CAD applications, each of which presents its own file sharing challenges.

AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Bentley - these three applications are essential tools for the vast majority of major AEC enterprises operating today, especially those eager to meet BIM requirements. Revit is particularly important thanks to its File-Aware capabilities, as these make it possible for individuals based around the world to contribute to a single BIM project while providing the enterprise with oversight of these contributions and alterations. 

In this and other cases, though, the applications can only deliver their full value when paired with an optimized file distribution solution, such as Talon FAST™ software. FAST™ features Intelligent File Caching, which minimizes latency and maintains a high level of data availability, all while ensuring files are synced up automatically. Every worker can access the necessary application files, confident that all of the information contained therein is accurate and up to date. 

The Revit Challenge: Autodesk Revit offers tremendous value for AEC firms, but only when enterprises can avoid performance issues. Where WAN optimization, data replication and virtual desktop infrastructure have all come up short, Talon FAST™ succeeds. Click here to learn more.


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