Eliminate Branch Office Backups

Data access is a critical component of enterprise collaboration. Employees at different branch offices need to be able to reference, update and share a wide range of files across the entirety of the organization. Because latency can have a powerful, negative impact on productivity, many enterprises have turned to regular branch office backups to ensure that copies of essential data are immediately available to workers. But daily branch office backups are time-consuming, space-consuming and cumbersome.  

Talon FAST™ software eliminates the need for these backups by centralizing data and ensuring that this information remains available to branch office workers at all times. 

Centralization and Intelligent File Caching
The key to Talon FAST™ and elimination of backups is centralization and Intelligent File Caching. FAST™ creates a "single set of data" that ensures consistency and accuracy across the company's branches. This data can be stored at either an on-premise datacenter or in a hybrid cloud storage infrastructure. At the same time, Intelligent File Caching keeps the most active, relevant data cached at each respective branch.

This avoids the issues caused by latency, while also eliminating physical backups of local servers entirely. Instead, any changes made on the local level are reflected back in the centralized data set. This is done in the background, so there is no risk of human error leading to oversights and no personnel need to devote time to the laborious backup process.

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For companies such as ours that deal in high volumes of data, Talon FAST™ software promises to change the game in the area of data centralization and collaboration.

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