Talon FAST™ and SoftNAS Cloud NAS

Branch Office Consolidation
Talon FAST™ is a new paradigm in cloud storage enablement, allowing enterprises to consolidate unstructured data from globally distributed fileservers into a single, cohesive, well-managed instance without penalizing remote users that may be separated from the storage pool by networks, continents or even oceans. With its powerful distributed network file system, intelligent file caching, and global file locking, Talon FAST™ delivers file storage services to users around the globe as if they were all in the same location, using the same file servers, thereby ensuring both data integrity (via centralized file locking), data security (with full AD and ACL controls), and high user performance without compromising the workflow. This ability to ‘centralize’ data is garnering strong acceptance in the industry, as enterprises decommission costly-to-maintain file servers around the globe while actually optimizing the flow of information in the enterprise, since everyone is now working off the same set of data.

Centralized Data Store in SoftNAS Cloud
The main repository for the unstructured data is a share (or number of shares) using the SoftNAS Cloud® NAS filer. With this central repository, all locations of the enterprise, regardless of their locations in the world, can use the central file server as if they were local. The result is a single storage footprint, versus a distributed storage architecture that requires local management, backup, security, footprint, etc. in each location. Talon FAST uses the SoftNAS Cloud SMB share that allows customers to use the most scalable, cost-effective storage resource while using the native protocol to users and applications (SMB), extended through Talon FAST™.

Talon FAST™ Edge VM instances
Each remote office runs a virtual appliance (VM instance) of Talon FAST™ configured as an ‘edge’. Edge VMs provide the critical performance-enhancing functions such as file caching, file-level differencing, and local service to users. The FAST™ edge instance runs on any available Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2016 environment in the remote location configured with a intelligent file caching partition that uses the Talon FAST™ algorithms to retain the most often used data for that location to ensure optimal performance for common tasks.

When to Consider Talon and SoftNAS

Are you considering options like Panzura, Nasuni, or Avere?

Then let us show you how much more efficiently you can accomplish the same thing without replication and synchronization. We enable your global name space and file locking capabilities without replacing your NAS with another heavyweight branch office option.

Do you have numerous branch offices with distributed file servers?

We can help you reduce the complexity with less management and a lower total cost of ownership by simplifying your branch office without sacrificing user access to all you data.

The more branch offices you have to manage with separate file servers, the more you need Talon FAST™ and SoftNAS Cloud!

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