The Revit Challenge

Autodesk Revit is an invaluable tool for any architecture, engineering and construction enterprise, thanks to its focus on Building Information Modeling (BIM). Revit brings together architectural design, construction, MEP and structure engineering into a single application. As BIM increasingly becomes the standard for new projects, the need for BIM-specific software, such as Autodesk Revit, will only accelerate. 

The Challenge
For all of its value, though, Revit can only deliver satisfactory results when AEC enterprises can leverage this solution without experiencing performance problems. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Revit is a file-based application, which means that it runs in the background of users' workstations while projects' large file sets are stored on a centralized, network file share. For Revit to function in a distributed enterprise, with the benefits of worksharing, workset and element borrowing, datacenter storage infrastructure needs to be extended out into branch offices and updates need to be available globally in real-time, and that's no easy feat.

AEC enterprises have tried a number of different approaches to tackle this issue, including WAN optimization, data replication and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). For many organizations, none of these options have proven successful. VDI efforts have led to application-specific bottlenecks, and neither WAN optimization or data replication strategies have managed to account for the sheer size of the bulk file-transactions occurring. This greatly limits the value and utility companies can see from their Revit deployments.

The FAST™ Solution
For AEC companies eager to embrace Revit but struggling with this challenge, Talon FAST™ software is the solution. FAST™ features its own intelligent file caching, streaming and data compression/reduction technologies, ensuring that only incremental file differences are sent to the central file location when "synchronized with central". This minimizes latency while maximizing data access and accuracy for branch office workers. In fact, file transactions will be up to 400 times faster with FAST™. What's more, Talon FAST™'s write-back caching enables users to continue working while bulk transfers occur in the background, further improving productivity. 

Altogether, this makes Talon FAST™ software the ideal complement for Autodesk Revit deployments for distributed enterprises throughout the AEC space.


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Bringing the data together using Talon FAST™ software allows users to work simultaneously on large project files from any location. And in a disaster recovery situation, you get the business back up and running very, very quickly.

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